Africa Business Concept

Africa Business Concept cc (ABC) is a trading (import/export) and consulting firm that has extensive experience of the sub-Saharan African continent in various multi-potential markets (mining, forestry, energy, agriculture, transport, construction, industry, tourism, banking / insurance). ABC has a thorough understanding of local conditions thanks to its networking approach which enable our clients to have access to a diversity of products, services, and expertise. ABC currently operates in South Africa, Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). ABC’s aim is to provide value-added advisory services and products to both the public and private sector in the African market.

ABC thus offers a unique plate-form that facilitates the expression of various business interests in a timely and techno-economic manner. On a real-time basis, the law of supply and demand in the African market is updated and analyses provided, taking into account political, economic, legal, fiscal, operational, and security factors.

A wide range of African commodity is procured through fully licensed import and export procedures. Prior to a bulk order taking place, goods can be exhibited in the form of price list and physical samples (e.g. woods, minerals), portfolios or catalogues (e.g. ethnic clothes), galleries (e.g. arts).

The consulting services are available through subscriptions or projects, and delivered through our Website, conferences, reports, and presentations. Our professional approach processes formatted information in the form of Database, Business Codes or Typical Contracts in order to deliver feasibility studies with recommendations and proposals for project implementation.

Proper communication with key stakeholders is our concern and it means that, if required, all information is translated in the targeted language (e.g. French, Portuguese, local languages) before further treatments.



Central Africa

Raw wood

One of the largest countries in Africa, the DRC boasts the second largest rain forest in the world and is home to Africa’s most powerful river, the Congo River, and five World Heritage Sites. Read more...