About Africa Business Concept

AFRICA BUSINESS CONCEPT CC was created in 1996 with the principal activities focusing on “Commodity trading and Consulting services”. The need for this initiative was prompted by the strategic importance of the economic context of South Africa post 1994 general elections in which the necessity for trade expansion and skills development became more crucial than ever. Given South African strong economical position in the continent, the creation of Africa Business Concept head quartered in Johannesburg became an obvious decision.

However, the highly developed level of RSA combined with other regional countries such as Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo with their abundance of natural resources, makes it necessary to build networking branches to enable the smooth flow of transactions. Thus far, the companies has offices in Luanda and throughout the DR Congo key cities: Capital Kinshasa, mineral rich Katanga, Kasai and Kivu provinces.


To integrate various enterprising efforts related to Africa around a centralised body whose mission is their social, economical, technical and environmental promotion in the context of international standards of the 21st century.


To stimulate business relationships through trade and consulting services between various agents working with Africa (or willing to do so).


Experienced in meeting strict deadlines through effective co-ordination and cost-effective solutions.

Quality, Security and Speed for you!


Import & Export Certification

Wood for Africa!

Central Africa (DRC, Angola) is known for its abundance in natural resources and Africa Business Concept hopes that through joint-venturing, this potential can be unlocked. Hence there is a call for partnership and the need for business networking, for more information click here...